Performances of “May All Children”

The following performance log is intended to track the many ways "May All Children" reaches thousands of families around the world.

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Organization Name Performance Venue Date Description Comments / Stories
Bolton Music Therapy Murfreesboro, TN August 01, 2013 Homeschool Summer Choir Finale
Rotary International RYLA Rotary Leadership Awards program, District 7910 Worcester, MA June 30, 2013 Worcester State University At the end of the closing ceremony for our RYLA weekend, one group… (read more) At the end of the closing ceremony for our RYLA weekend, one group facilitator joined by all 30 facilitators will lead 176 students and over 200 parents singing the song. Rotary International has asked us to include some peace activities in our weekend. While peace will be discussed in some of the activities, singing this song will tie things together.
Heritage Reservation Farmington, PA May 18, 2013 Wedding ---
Congregational Church of Manhasset Manhasset, NY May 12, 2013 Mother's Day Church Service - Performed by the Children's Choir
Infant Early Childhood Conference Session Tacoma Convention Center May 03, 2013 Tacoma, WA
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