The Music Together® In School Curriculum

At Music Together, we value music development for its own sake, because being able to sing in tune and keep a beat is the birthright of every child! But we also know that music development benefits the whole child, supporting their development in key early learning domains. That's why we say Music Learning Supports All Learning®.

By giving children what they need to grow musically in a playful, developmentally appropriate, and musically rich way, our comprehensive music curriculum and proven program model raise the overall quality of a child's education and supports all kinds of learners, including children with special needs. And because we bring our research-based model to the entire school community—children, teachers, and families alike—we also support family engagement, parent-child relationships, and teachers' professional development.

Core Curriculum Components

Our in-school curriculum is made up of five key elements:

  • music and movement activities
  • home component and family engagement support
  • weekly music classes taught by highly trained Music Together specialists
  • services and support for music specialists
  • classroom teacher professional development
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Included Curriculum Materials

As one of the components of the curriculum, Music Together offers schools both online and real-time services and support, along with new materials for families, classrooms, and Music Together specialists every collection.

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Schools find Music Together to be an excellent fit because our developmentally appropriate music curriculum aligns with many approaches to early childhood education. Music Together also lends itself to the variety of assessment tools commonly used to measure children’s learning and development during their early years.

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Research on music and early childhood development was central to the creation of Music Together: That’s why we call ourselves a research-based music program. As a leader in the field of early childhood music education, we stay in tune with research on the impact of music to children’s learning and partner with leading universities, early childhood labs, and research organizations.

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