Testimonials from Providers

Our music programs get rave reviews from our providers! Hear what a few have to say about Music Together and Play Along by Music Together at their schools.

Enid Forster, In School Curriculum Provider

Head Start Education Manager, Family Services of Westchester, NY

This music curriculum has not only given the children a valuable musical education but also enhanced their cognitive, language, and physical learning. The CDs and songbooks that the families receive enhance and enrich the child’s educational experiences as well as the bonding between parent and child. Music Together keeps the families more involved.

Lois Olson, In School Curriculum Provider

Director, Montessori Children’s House Inc., Laramie, WY

The children enjoy the large variety of songs and the chance to explore the different beats and rhythms with their bodies. I enjoy seeing their enthusiasm and also seeing the impact on the children’s learning. After only a short period of time I was able to observe improvements in the children’s ability to learn poems, chants, and songs. Music makes it so easy. I recently observed my group doing gross-motor movements and was amazed to see that most were easily skipping! Finding the beat helps with coordination on many levels.

Joe Wiseman, In School Curriculum Provider

Director of Learning, C5 Children's School, San Francisco, CA

Music Together has many benefits to our school community. It attracts prospective families to enroll and reinforces that parents have made the best decision in choosing our school. Participating in Music Together helps our children’s learning groups to bond and develop group awareness, sensitivity, and effective process skills that can be applied during the rest of the day. It has helped to improve every aspect of our school’s curriculum, since the weekly Music Together sessions and music and lyrics from them permeate many of the other activities throughout the days in each classroom.

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Play Along Providers Say . . .

Classroom teachers have found Play Along helped them to support their students in reaching state early learning goals, enhanced family engagement in children's learning at home and at school, and had an overall positive impact on their teaching and daily classroom life.

Cheryl Kelly
Vice President of Programs, Early Learning Coalition of Polk County, Florida
"I truly believe Music Together impacted many children and families and teachers) in a big way! We were able to provide something that hasn't been done in most of these [child care sites] ever before by giving children the opportunity to participate in a fun, engaging, and meaningful music program. It was an awesome experience for all involved!"