Toddlers Love Music!

Music helps us get in touch with, express, and manage our emotions and enhances our ability to communicate—even before we master language. Imagine instilling that power in your toddler! At this age, they’re uniquely suited to connect with music. And by helping them embrace music and some basic skills early on, you give your child a valuable tool for relaxing, focusing, expressing themselves, and communicating heart-to-heart in ways that can serve them all their lives.

In addition to being valuable for its own sake, numerous studies have shown that music learning supports all learning®. A Music Together class allows your toddler to learn and grow in a playful environment that is musically rich and always supportive of their learning style and stage of development.

How will music help my toddler?

Did you know that, by singing and dancing with your toddler, you are doing a lot more than just having fun? Learn more about the benefits of music to your little one.

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Mixed-age Class

Music Together’s Mixed-age Class is just right for your active and curious toddler! A group of children birth through age five—and their grownups—join together to sing, dance, jam, and play in a supportive, non-performance-oriented environment.

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Childcare and Early Learning Settings

Did you know that toddlers enrolled in care settings offering the Music Together curriculum can enjoy all the music and benefits of our family classes during their school day? Learn more about how you can help bring Music Together to your son or daughter’s school or childcare center.

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Guitar Class for Grownups

The Guitar Class for Grownups is designed for parents of children enrolled in Music Together. It’s your chance to learn to play selected songs from the current collection for your son or daughter and enjoy music together at home in a new way. 

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Listen to Our Songs

Each of Music Together’s nine song collections contains 25 songs. Our songs are unique, not only for their wide variety of tonalities, meters, and musical styles but also for their outstanding arrangements—which appeal to both children and their grownups. Listen for yourself!

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"My husband teases me because whenever I mention Music Together to anyone, he always pipes up my next line which is 'best money we ever spent.' I truly mean it. Kudos to Ken and Lili for a program that outshines any other I have seen around."

—Kim, Princeton, NJ

"Our time at Canalside Music Together began when my son Sam was a toddler. Spending time with him (and now my daughter Abby) in class has been a joy for me and my parents, enriching our own musical repertoire and watching the children respond to each song and begin to express themselves musically as they take delight in rhythms and melodies. . . Music has become a means for Sam, now 3, to express his creativity and for my daughter, now 1, to vocalize her sense of rhythm and her love of music. Music is wordplay; music is comfort; music is family togetherness. From marching down the stairs in the morning to singing lullabies at night, these musical moments are precious. Nothing brings me greater joy than to see Sam singing to his little sister, setting his own lyrics to the tunes we've learned. Thank you, Miss Esther and Music Together!"

—Melissa Pheterson, Rochester NY

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