Music Together®con Español

Babies through 5 years

Mom and ChildIf you love the idea of a Music Together class but also quiere probar algo nuevo—want to try something new—then the latest addition to our Music Together class lineup may be just what you’re looking for! Music Together con Español is a bilingual English/Spanish family class for Spanish speakers looking for a more accessible way to experience Music Together, as well as for families who want some exposure to the Spanish language through music. For all families, it’s Music Together con un giro—with a twist!

“¡Cuénteme más!”—“Tell me more!”—you say, so here goes: all enrolled families receive a CD plus digital access to the semester’s songs recorded in a mixture of Spanish and English, as well as the English-language songbook and a booklet with the Spanish lyrics. You’ll hear some new voices on the recordings, too: adult singer Mary Ellen Assue and child singers Tony Jimenez and Emily Cano. Everyone will have a great time in this Music Together family class that’s accessible to todo el mundo—everyone—regardless of your level of Spanish-language proficiency.

If you’re interested in Music Together® con Español, please find a location near you and ask about class availability.