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In teaching Music Together, people often find something that was previously missing from their lives. For many, it's a unique opportunity to combine their passion for music with their love of children. For others, it's simply that sharing this well-loved program with grateful families makes for incredibly rewarding work.

There's no typical Music Together teacher. Some have formal music training, some don't. Here you'll find actors, singers, dancers, teachers, therapists, and parents, all of whom, with the help of our excellent training and support, have become successful teachers from the same simple prerequisites—the ability to sing in tune and move in time, and a love of music and children. Does that sound like you?

Join a Cutting-edge Teaching-Learning Community and Get Paid for Work You Love!

When you become a Music Together teacher, you become part of a teaching-learning community on the cutting edge of early childhood music education. Learn to see music and children in a new way, become an exceptional teacher who brings joy to families, and develop rich relationships with teaching colleagues—all while getting paid for doing work you love!

In order to qualify to teach Music Together, teachers must complete the three-day Music Together teacher training and demonstrate the ability to sing in tune and move with accurate rhythm.

Music Together may offer you the most satisfying teaching experience of your life! Interested? Please click here for additional information about our teacher training workshops.

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