Music Together® Supports Your Practice

As a Music Together Within Therapy® licensee, you'll pay a service fee for each client participating in the program, as well as an annual fee to maintain your trademark license. In return, we provide a number of clinician support services, including:

  • Access to Music Together logos, graphics, photos, sound clips, and videos

  • A set of materials for each licensed clinician (a family songbook, a teacher activity songbook, a teacher recording, and a supplemental guide for clinicians)

  • Access to slowed-down recordings, single graphics for clinical use, communication board templates, Music Together HomePlay pages, and other supplemental materials

  • Access to an online network of Music Together Within Therapy providers where you can ask questions, share resources and ideas, and report on challenges and triumphs

  • Mentoring by an on-staff, board-certified music therapist who can help with curriculum questions, teaching techniques, parent education, clinical interventions, and session management

  • Other therapist support services, such as client referrals from our toll-free number and tips on effectively using our graphics in advertising your practice

Family Materials

Because family engagement is a crucial part of therapy, we require you to provide every participating client with a family songbook and copies of the recording for home use. The first set of family materials is included with your annual license, and an additional set is included with the service fee for each new client.

Continuing Education

Another way we support Music Together Within Therapy licensees is by providing access to resources for continuing education. Our courses are approved by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) to provide Continuing Music Therapy Education credits. Credits awarded by the CBMT are also accepted by the National Board of Certified Counselors. And a series of continuing education courses has been developed exclusively for Music Together Within Therapy licensees.

You can also take part in our comprehensive teacher education program to earn credits. Live regional workshops allow you to check out the current collection's songs and discover how you can apply the latest research in early childhood music education to your own work.

If you're ready to take the next step, contact us for more information!