Become a Music Together® Director

Make a difference in your local community—become a Music Together director! You'll join a worldwide network of thousands of Music Together directors in 40 countries, who are all committed to bringing the very best research-based music education program to children and families in their own neighborhoods.

Music Together directors, like Music Together teachers, come from many different backgrounds. Some were looking for a complete career change, others just a part-time gig. What they all have in common is the satisfaction of building their own small business while doing a job they love.

As a Music Together licensee, you'll get all the support you need from us to get going and achieve your vision. With our outstanding teaching resources, included take-home materials families love, workshops, marketing support, and one-one-one mentoring, we are with you every step of the way. Plus you'll have access to the collective knowledge of teaching and directing colleagues from around the world.

As your center grows, you and your families will appreciate the variety of class types you can offer. Whatever your goal, you'll be changing lives for the better by helping families become more musical.

Music Together parents and children