Your Own Music Together® Business

To offer Music Together classes in your community, you first have to obtain a trademark license from Music Together Worldwide. You then become a licensed center director and receive our permission to use the trademarked Music Together program. In return, you pay a fee for each family you enroll in your classes each semester and agree to meet certain standards to ensure the quality of the experience for families. Our decision to grant or deny a license depends on many factors, including where you want to hold your classes. In some cities, opportunities are limited. However, because we want to reach as many children as possible, please contact to learn more about the opportunities in your area.

To Obtain Your License

  • Submit an application and application fee ($174).
  • To start the application process, you'll need to provide a physical address for at least one (and up to three) proposed class location(s). Usually, approval is given quickly in areas with few Music Together locations. It may take up to six weeks in areas with existing Music Together centers nearby.
  • Each teacher scheduled to teach Music Together classes has to have passed the Music Together teacher training program. (The center director does not have to teach classes.) There is a $440 training fee, if you/your proposed teacher have not yet passed the Music Together Teacher Training.
  • You (or a representative of your organization) must be able to do business with us in English.
  • Your program must be compatible with our program. If you're already offering an early childhood music and movement program, please contact the Licensing department, because restrictions may apply.
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