How to Bring Music Together® to Your School

For School Directors

If you're a school director or oversee curriculum decisions, our In-School Services Department is ready to assist you. We can help assess your needs and start you on your way!

For School Teachers or Individuals

If you're a school teacher or individual who wants to bring our music program to the schools in your area, after successfully completing the Music Together Teacher Training Workshop to become a registered Music Together teacher, our staff will let you know:

  • How to start your own music education business serving schools

  • The curriculum options that are available to schools and childcare centers

  • How to connect with schools and address their questions about the curriculum

  • How to articulate the benefits of our program to school administrators

Music for All Children: Outreach

At Music Together, we want all children to experience our curriculum, including those from low-income communities who might not ordinarily have access to music education. To help bring music to as many children as possible, we offer a special rate for qualified schools serving children in need. We're proud to say that our curriculum is also supported by a wide range of funding sources.

Please contact us at for more information.