Who Are Music Together In School Providers?

All Music Together In School providers have something in common: they know just how important music is to children's early education. So they appreciate that Music Together isn't just songs for the classroom—it's a comprehensive music curriculum infused into everyday life at school and at home, so that children's learning and development can benefit the most. Some in-school providers are preschool teachers who love to sing and dance with children. Others are educators looking for a new way to grow professionally. We also attract children's musicians, actors, other performers, and many more individuals who just love children and the idea of sharing their passion for music and movement in a musically and educationally rich classroom setting.

Patricia Parker

After I retired from teaching preschool full time in 2010, the director asked me if I wanted to teach a weekly music class to the children. Since I love music and leading music and circle time was one of my strengths as a teacher, I decided that this would be a great way for me to continue to do what I loved. So each week, I created a different music and movement class . . .

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Terri Gabriel

I was a preschool classroom teacher, and the school I worked at began using the Music Together in-school curriculum. Soon after, I took the training and became a Music Together teacher. I wanted to serve a larger community, so I initiated ArtStrides, a nonprofit organization that has allowed us to provide Music Together to a Title 1 public school in a highly . . .

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Colleen McGrath Lilley

I joined a conference call about the in-school curriculum and it seemed like there might be opportunity there. After the call, I began scheduling meetings and found a terrific match in Alegria Montessori right away. Later, I got a call from another small preschool and we've established a nice relationship. It is an experiential preschool that is very hands-on, very nurturing . . .

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Leslie Pratt

In the preschool where I teach Music Together, there was a four-year-old boy who seemed to have some sensory issues, and social issues because of that. He was usually somewhat withdrawn and challenging but, when music class started, the way his face lit up was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. . .

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