Your Music Together License

Music Together classes are offered around the world by individuals or organizations through a process called licensing. As a licensed center director, you can use the Music Together trademark and our award-winning artwork in marketing materials, and, of course, the research-based curriculum in classes with parents and children. You'll also enjoy our full complement of support services to help you get your business started and keep it running successfully.

How Do You Become a Licensed Center Director?

For directors who want to teach Music Together classes, the first step is to take the Music Together teacher training, where you'll learn all about our philosophy, curriculum content, and teaching practices. After you (or your teacher) have passed the training, you can apply for your trademark license. You'll also be given an application at the training. Can't wait? Contact us and we'll help you get the process started!

Application Requirements

Participation in our training doesn't guarantee a license will be granted. The following requirements apply:

  • A licensing application and application fee must be submitted and approved.
  • The principal teacher scheduled to teach each Music Together class must have passed the Music Together teacher training program. (The center director does not need to be the classroom teacher.) Approval by the workshop trainer is based upon evaluations during the workshops as well as general ability, training, and experience in the areas of music, movement, and/or early childhood education.
  • The specific class location must be approved by Music Together LLC. Approval of licensing applications is normally quite prompt in underdeveloped areas and usually takes no longer than four to six weeks in locations near other Music Together centers.
  • The applicant (or representative of the applicant's organization) must be able to do business with Music Together LLC in English.
  • The applicant must be determined to be a match for the program (educational philosophy, compatible business structure, etc.). If you're already offering an early childhood music and movement program, please contact for more information. Restrictions may apply.

Join us in spreading the joy of family music all over the world. Contact us today.

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