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Inspire Others—Share the Gift of Music

Imagine a job where you get to sing, dance, and play every day. A career where you can bring the gift of music to young children. Imagine seeing a baby bounce in anticipation of a favorite music activity or hearing a four-year-old sing a lullaby to his little sister. And imagine the grateful parents, who are overjoyed as you help them foster music growth in their children, bonding and enriching their families' lives through music. This is exactly what you get when you bring Music Together to your community as a center director.

Offer Music Together Family Classes

As a licensed center director, you can teach Music Together classes yourself or hire others to teach. Classes you can offer include:

Mixed-age Class

In Music Together's mixed-age classes, children from birth through kindergarten participate together with their parents and/or caregivers in a rich musical environment. Research shows that grouping together children of a variety of ages fosters natural, family-style learning free of age-specific expectations. That's the essence of Music Together mixed-age family classes. Younger kids enjoy watching and imitating older ones; older kids learn by leading younger ones; and parents love that siblings can enroll and learn together in class, as well as continuing the learning at home.

For center directors, the mixed-age class format has lots of advantages—especially when you're just getting started. Scheduling becomes easier when you can offer many different class times that are open to all children. It's much more convenient for parents to fit Music Together into their busy lives when they can enroll all children, from newborns to kindergarteners, into any of the classes offered.


Although the educational value of babies attending the mixed-age class format is indisputable, new parents also have the option to join classes specifically designed for their newborn babies (8 months of age or younger). With the mentoring of an experienced Music Together teacher, parents learn how to interact musically with their babies and support their natural, inborn capacity for music.

Not only do musical bonds develop between parents and babies, community bonds often develop among class participants as they begin their new and exciting journeys together. Parents who enroll in Babies Classes tend to reenroll for many years and become wonderful Music Together ambassadors!

Music Together Big Kids®

Children who attend Music Together classes throughout their early years usually attain what we call Basic Music Competence (BMC) by the time they're five years old. This means they can sing in tune and move with accurate rhythm when they're ready for Kindergarten. Our Big Kids Class helps prepare them for more formal dance or instrument lessons by guiding them from BMC to BML, or Basic Music Literacy, while still in the playful and supportive learning environment of Music Together. After all, they're still children—and children learn best through experimentation and discovery! Whether Music Together Big Kids precedes other formal music-learning or complements it simultaneously, it creates a smooth continuum for 5-, 6-, and 7-year-olds, by incorporating more advanced music activities like conducting, solos, and composition in a developmentally appropriate and inspiring learning environment.

As a center director offering Big Kids Classes, you'll be able to serve families for many years and help prepare children for whatever musical endeavors they'd like to pursue once they're ready for formal lessons.

Guitar Class for Grownups®

Imagine the joy a parent can get playing music for their child while they dance, sing, and laugh. Music Together's Guitar Class for Grownups was designed for parents and caregivers of children currently enrolled in Music Together. In this 60-minute class, they learn basic guitar technique and selected songs from the current song collection so that they can make even MORE beautiful music at home. This class is excellent for beginners who have never held a guitar and very helpful for those who already have some skill.

When you offer the Guitar Class for Grownups at your center, you help parents and caregivers build technique and musicianship in an organic, relaxed way while learning new ways to connect with their children through music. Not only will this class build or reinforce their musicality, it also offers an enjoyable night out with other parents of small children.

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