Ashley ScottMusic Therapist Ashley Scott

Ashley Scott is Director of Little Steps Music, offering Music Together and music therapy services in Northern Virginia.

How did you become involved with Music Together?

I was studying music therapy at New York University and met another student who had a child in Music Together. She told me about the program, and I took the training.

I first taught classes in a church basement, but the classes quickly became very popular so I made arrangements with the local community center to teach there. The classes quickly became even more popular, so that each class was sold out; the registrar couldn't keep up with the number of parents who wanted these classes for their children. So I continued to increase the number of classes and was able to quit my other job teaching in a preschool to devote my time to Music Together. I brought the program to neighboring counties and now serve over 600 families in eight locations.

What have you found to be particularly rewarding about Music Together?

I was able to use my undergraduate major, psychology, with my interest in music, my love of children, and my music therapy skills. I have always sung in choirs, and I play piano and guitar. Music Together provided a way for me to use everything I know. In addition to music development, I am looking at socialization, fine and gross motor skills, cognition, speech and language acquisition, and sensory integration.

What keeps you interested and involved?

When I first began teaching, it was more difficult to solve the problems alone, but now there are many Music Together teachers in my area that get together several times a year. We teach songs for each other, talk about marketing, and generally share information. It's really wonderful to have a teaching network.

I also appreciate the fact that Music Together provides so much educational support to teachers. I now have eight teachers at my center, and we love attending the regional Songs and Skills Workshops. Learning more about new songs and activities, parent education, classroom management, and how to lead large movement activities helps us grow as teachers and stay fresh.