Venue Details

Venue Phone: 415-419-7454


Sing Dance Play

5420 Nave Drive, Unit F

Novato, CA 94949

Host: Elina Coulter, telephone 415-419-7454

Parking is available at no charge.


5420 Nave Drive, Unit F, Novato California 94949, United States


  1. S.Shoshanna Weiss

    I would love to join this class!

    I am an Early Childhood educator and musician and I teach three classes of music at a local preschool

    I have been referred by Ginger Parish from Santa Rosa.

  2. I am an Early Childhood Educator, a musician and a music teacher.

    I currently teach music to 36 toddler and preschool children at a local preschool.

    I would love to attend the April21 training in Novato.

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