The Power of Music

MTphoto-16-webWe’ve all seen even the youngest children respond positively to music. As soon as they hear the first few notes, they’re bobbing up and down, swaying side-to-side, smiles taking over their little faces.

This is the power of music: It’s a universal language that all of us are born ready to enjoy.

That’s why our coauthors created Music Together—because our research has proven time and again that early childhood is the best time to help little learners flourish musically.

Whether we realize it or not, music is the background soundtrack to all of our lives. Songs can trigger memories, elicit emotions, even help decrease feelings of loneliness and depression in the elderly. That’s why we want everyone to experience the beauty of music.

At Music Together, we’re about more than happy singalongs and toe-tapping music. We’re about helping everybody find – and develop – their musical voice.

Growing Children’s Natural Music Abilities

Every one of us is musical – we’re born that way! All children can grow to love music and be active music-makers if they’re exposed to musical stimulation at a young age. That exposure helps them become more comfortable with expressing themselves.

Maybe they’ll join the high school chorus; maybe they’ll be confident enough in their dancing abilities to ask their crush to the prom; maybe one day they’ll dance in the kitchen while cooking dinner for the family. However they choose to enjoy music, the point is giving them the knowledge and exposure they need to find happiness in its notes and melodies.


At Music Together, families come together to explore making music. We sing, we dance, we play with instruments. Through all of that, children grow and learn, creating new neural pathways and forging the way for even more learning. Plus, with parents and caregivers participating in the classes right along with their children, Music Together gives them an unmatched chance to watch their little ones grow and develop right before their eyes.

Because after all, what’s better than music? Music Together!