Playing Your Music Together® Songs at Home

Each semester, your family will receive a new collection of songs to sing, dance, and jam along to. You can access the digital version of your songs in two ways, using the Family Access Code on the inside cover of your songbook.


Playing Your Music Together Songs at Home Guide (PDF)

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Create a Account

First, you'll create a Music Together account, either through the Music Together app or by clicking the Create Your Account button below. The process is the same: you'll enter the code that's printed on the inside cover of your songbook, along with your email address and a password of your choice.

Songbook Code Creating Your Account
Create Your Account appstore googleplay

Note: This account is separate from any that you use to register for class/makeups at your local center. There is no financial or personal information stored in your account.

Share the Music with All Your Child's Caregivers

The same account credentials will get you logged in to both the Family Music Zone and the Music Together app, with no limit on the number of devices. So, feel free to share your account login with extended family and/or caregivers, so everyone can share in the musical fun!



Unlocking New Song Collections

In future semesters, you'll add your new music simply by logging in to either the Family Music Zone or the Music Together app and entering your new Family Access Code. After the code is entered, your new song collection will be added and available from any device where you're logged in.




Playing Music on iTunes/Apple Devices

To play your Music Together songs through iTunes and add them to your own playlists, etc., you will need to download the mp3s to your computer from the Family Music Zone, and import them to iTunes. They'll then be added to your music Library on your Apple devices. Go to Apple Support for step-by-step instructions:


Playing Music on a Smart Speaker

To play your Music Together songs from a smart speaker (e.g., Amazon Echo or Alexa, Google Nest speakers, etc.), download the mp3s from the Family Music Zone and add them to your preferred music player (e.g., Amazon Music, iTunes, etc.) that's paired with your smart speaker.

Here are a couple of helpful links. For more support, check your user manual or the manufacturer's online help.



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