Hello to the Music Together App!

Download the free Music Together app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and play your Music Together tunes whenever and wherever you’d like. (Note: As of July 24, 2023, the Music Together app replaces the Hello Everybody app.)

  • Music Together families, log in with your Music Together account (or create one on the app with the code in your songbook) to get your songs into the app.
  • If you’re not enrolled in class yet, the app comes preloaded with the Welcome Collection, a set of 12 of our most popular songs. Then, find a class in your neighborhood when you’re ready.

App Features

Make any time music time Start with 12 free songs—then, every semester you enroll in a Music Together class, unlock the music from your Music Together class using the code in your songbook. One account, many musical moments You can log in to the app and listen to your unlocked music from multiple devices. So share your username and password with your child’s other caregivers.

More musical fun for your family

  • On-screen lyrics
  • Create Music Together playlists
  • Digital songbooks, notation, and music development resources
  • Digital Singalong Storybooks, including a free copy of Hello, Everybody!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to download the Music Together app if I have the Hello Everybody app on my device?

No, the Hello Everybody app will update to the Music Together app on or around June 25 (depending on your location). Whether or not this happens automatically on your device depends on how you have it set up to handle updates. You will need to log back in when the app refreshes (i.e., when you see the new icon), so make sure you know your passwords—or use the password reset option and set a new one in just a couple of minutes.

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If I already have an account that I used to get into the Hello Everybody app and/or the Family Music Zone, will I need to create a new account to use the Music Together app?

No, use the same credentials that you use for the Hello Everybody app and the Family Music Zone so you retain access to your complete Music Together library.

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Will my playlists transfer from the Hello Everybody app to the Music Together app?

Yes, all playlists and unlocked song collections will automatically transfer. (And you can add your own pictures to your playlists in the new app!).

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Can I add the songs from the Music Together app to my device’s music player (e.g., iTunes)?

No, the songs (and playlists) can only play from within the Music Together app. If you’d like to add your music to your device’s built-in music player, you can download the MP3s from the Family Music Zone and add them according to how you manage music on your device.

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Are there minimum system requirements to download the app?

Any device running iOS 13 and above or Android 9 and above should be able to run the Music Together app. 

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How many songs are included free in the Music Together App?

The free Welcome Collection includes 12 favorite Music Together songs, and is available to everyone who downloads the app (no need for an account). All Singalong Storybook songs are part of the Welcome Collection.

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How do I add a new song collection to the Music Together app?

It’s super-easy! Just tap the “New Collection” button under “Collections” and enter the code from the inside cover of your songbook. Voilà!

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