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Teaching Eligibility Requirements: In order to be eligible to teach Music Together, you must first pass the Pre-training Basic Music Assessment. This assessment, which is submitted via video, is required to determine that you can:

  • Sing in tune independently in the Music Together range (A3 to D5*)
  • Sing in tune in the key (and tonality,) and using the starting pitch we specify
  • Move with accurate rhythm in both your upper and lower body
  • Use your voice, body, and inflection to convey different levels of energy and relevant emotion

*Note this is the child’s range. Men can sing in their natural octave mirroring this range.

Upon registering for a specific training, you will receive directions for submitting your pre-training music assessment video. Once you pass the assessment, you’ll be granted access to the training platform for your training. Should you not pass the pre-training basic music assessment, you’ll be refunded the training cost minus a $40 non-refundable fee. You must complete all components (Live Sessions and Self-study modules) of the Teacher Training in order to become a registered Music Together teacher.

Licensing Requirements: To open a Music Together center, you have to first obtain a trademark license from Music Together Worldwide. (If you teach for a licensee at an approved location, you do not need to apply for your own trademark license.) Our decision to grant or deny a license depends on many factors, including having a teacher who has completed the training, and where you want to hold your classes. In some cities, opportunities are limited. If you have already submitted a license, someone from our Licensing Dept. will be in touch with you upon successful completion of your training. If you have additional questions or updates pertaining to your license application, please email We are happy to help you and support your musical future with us.

If you are a registering to do a Refresher training, please use the email address that you use when you login to the Music Together website.

Upcoming Date(s) and Time(s)

  • Monday thru Saturday (1 week duration) @ 9:00am – 12:30pm
    December 7, 2020 - December 12, 2021
Details Price Select
Complete Online Trainingshow details + $440.00 (USD)  
Refreshershow details + $100.00 (USD)  

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