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The benefits of music for toddlers is apparent when they’re actively engaged in Music Together’s playful learning environment. Your little one will be immersed in singing and dancing, enjoying the music in their own unique way. While at the same time, also forging connections between their brain and their mind, body, and emotions.

Music Together classes promote and enhance the development of your toddler’s language, cognitive abilities, emotional, social and physical responses, learning habits, and dispositions. You and your toddler will enjoy songs in a range of musical styles – lyrical to blues, world music to folk – through fun, developmentally appropriate activities.

Our music classes aren’t just another activity for your two- or three-year old. Each class is a musical experience your child can share with the grownups who love them, creating a bond that supports your child’s growing musical skills and understanding.

Because toddlers learn by watching others, playing, and experimenting, our Mixed-age Class offers the ideal learning setting. In these classes, your toddler will grow socially and musically through interactions with children of varied ages. We believe that a family-learning style is crucial for music and cognitive development, so we encourage any or all of your child’s caregivers – parents, grandparents, nannies – to join in on the learning fun at a Music Together Mixed-age Class.

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