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by Kenneth K. Guilmartin

In 1986, Kenneth K. Guilmartin composed a song for the Montclair Cooperative School, where he was developing what was to become Music Together. Originally entitled "Solstice Song", it was written for the school's celebration of the fortieth anniversary of UNICEF (the United Nations Children's Fund). The song, rearranged and re-titled "May All Children" appeared in the 2002 Music Together Sticks Song Collection in memory of the events of September 11, 2001. Thousands of families were touched by its simple heartfelt wish that our children–that everyone–should live in peace.

Listen to the Sticks Song Collection Version*


Listen to the Choral Arrangement


In an effort to keep world peace and children's well-being foremost in our minds, Mr. Guilmartin is making "May All Children" available on this special website with royalties donated to the United States Fund for UNICEF. It is his hope that those who work with children or with music in any capacity, whether in schools, church groups, or choruses, will use this song and sing out its wish for the world.

You are invited to register your performance and download the sheet music. Please go to the Performance Log to register and view the many ways the song reaches thousands of families around the world. The download is free, but we encourage a donation based on music publishing industry standards ($0.15 per paper copy), 100% of which goes to UNICEF. (Please contact the publisher for broadcast, paid performances, or mechanical use.)


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