12/07/17 Tokyo, Japan – Teacher Training

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We’re so happy that you’d like to join us for the Teacher Training! Please fill in all required information on the next page. Questions or problems? Contact Diane Stephan, Educational Events Registrar at (800 728-2692 x328.

Teaching Eligibility Requirements: In order to be eligible to teach Music Together, you must complete and pass the 25-hour Music Together Teacher Training Workshop. At the end of the workshop there will be a song leading activity, in which you lead your fellow workshop colleagues in a song as you would in a Music Together class. This exercise will allow you to apply some of the strategies and teaching techniques that you have learned during the training. To pass the training you must demonstrate your ability to effectively lead a group in song while singing in tune in the Music Together range and keeping a steady beat in the upper and lower body.

If you are registering for a Refresher or Certification Level 1 training, please use the email address that you use when you login to the Music Together website.


Please note that if you are interested in starting your own center in Taiwan there are additional steps that may be necessary before your request for the teacher training is accepted, including a brief phone interview. We will contact you, if necessary, after we receive your application and payment.

Upcoming Date(s) and Time(s)

  • 12/07/17 Tokyo, Japan
    December 7, 2017 - December 9, 2017

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